[vcat_testimonial style=”11″ rating=”0″ image_id=”15221″ client_name=”Prof. RICKY WILFRED” client_title=”ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (PHYSICS)”]“Savings” and “Investments” are buzzer words to me ever since I started earning. I have never been a wise investor when it came to finance; this always perplexed me of being shortsighted and existential with no thought about the future. That is when I came in contact with the Capitalworx. The advisors here are trustworthy and patient, helping me know and learn the strategies of investments in simple methods. It has been a year now and I feel more secure with Capitalworx. There are many who give advice today on investments, but very few give guidance on it. Capitalworx is one such that nurtures you to be prudent and foreseeing in finance.[/vcat_testimonial][vcat_testimonial style=”11″ rating=”0″ image_id=”15040″ client_name=”VINAY UMARJI” client_title=”SR. JOURNALIST”]The Bible promises that God would restore the ‘years that the locusts have eaten’. As a bachelor and then a newly married man, certain financial indiscipline that I carried resulted in me making mistakes. Not that I was in any distress, but it seemed I had lost those precious years of early earning that could have been judiciously put to use. Enter Capitalworx. In the last one year or so, it is as if the lost years have been restored. Not only did they reshape and sharpen some of my financial disciplines as a mentor would, but also propelled us in goal achievement. For instance, no sooner did we set a goal to buy a house than we were able to achieve within the first 12 months of having begun our journey with Capitalworx.  I would definitely recommend Capitalworx not only as mere financial planners but also as mentors who journey with you and help you shape financial ideals for a healthy, balanced and a sustained growth.[/vcat_testimonial][vcat_testimonial style=”11″ rating=”0″ image_id=”15226″ client_name=”SHINOD BABU” client_title=”IT BUSINESS ANALYST”]Some works in life are best left for the experts to do – financial planning is one of them. Capitalworx has been the saving grace for me. From setting financial goals to defining practical and achievable plans – Capitalworx has helped me see my finances in a different perspective. In hindsight, I feel i was late in approaching them. With a thorough knowledge about the financial world and a sound mind to complement it – Capitalworx is truly a one-stop solution for all financial needs from tax saving to planning future goals.[/vcat_testimonial][vcat_testimonial style=”11″ rating=”0″ image_id=”15224″ client_name=”SUDEEP KOLHAR” client_title=”DESIGN ENGINEER”]Samson who heads, Capitalworx has been my financial advisor for almost a year now and it’s been a great journey thus far. Initially I was given a detailed explanation of how the investments would be planned at Capitalworx. Thereafter, I was given a customized plan as per my requirements and my money was properly divided into various investments wherein; the short term as well as the long term goals are taken care of. The best part is that the lack of finances are not felt as the money is invested in such a way that your monthly/weekly/daily expenses are met without any obstacles. Samson was there at every step guiding me through the SIP`s as well as the other plans and I believe the journey ahead too, will be great one with Capitalworx.[/vcat_testimonial]


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