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Start Investing with a SIP

For those who haven’t started their investing journey yet, SIP or Systematic Investment Plan in mutual funds is the best way to start.
SIP allows you to start with as little as Rs 500 per month. Gradually as your confidence improves, you can start investing more.

If not Cash, then what are the “Really Real” Assets to Invest?

You don’t invest in shares. You invest in an honest broker or financial planner. Be friends with him. You don’t invest in education. You invest in a good teacher. Be friends with him. You don’t invest in healthcare. You invest in an expert doctor. Be friends with him. You don’t even invest in your business. You invest in your employees and your customers. Be friends with them.

Invest Money for My Child’s Future – How?

Majority of parents are worried about investing right for their children’s bright future. A simple search on Google reveals that the media is almost totally covered by insurance companies offering traditional and unit linked plans in the name of child benefit plans.

Why is Long Term SIP a No-Brainer?

there is a secret to make long term SIP successful and that is, you avoid timing the market. Put simply, it means that you are not looking for an opportune time to invest, rather you are deciding to stay invested across multiple market cycles.

What is the I.D.E.A.S investment plan?

Step 1. I – Identify your goalsStep 2. D – Determine time available to achieve your goalsStep 3. E – Estimate the funds needed to achieve your goalsStep 4. A – Assess your risk-taking capacityStep 5. S – Start Now

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