Capitalworx Advisers LLP is a young and enthusiastic organization based in Ahmedabad.
We provide investment and financial advisory services to a growing list of delighted clients.

Our investment philosophy at Capitalworx is not based on commissions we receive. We carefully research the plethora of mutual fund plans available in the market and recommend the best combination of risk and return that works for you.

Our recommendations also consider your risk appetite and your pre-identified financial goals. We call this the I.D.E.A.S strategy of investing.

I – Identify your goals
D – Determine time available
E – Estimate the funds needed
A – Assess your risk-taking capacity
S – Start Now

We believe Equity is the best asset class in terms of consistent higher returns over the long term. And the best way to get exposure to Equity is through a mutual fund. And further the best way to get into a mutual fund is through a systematic investment plan (SIP). And that is what, we suggest to our clients.

According to the I.D.E.A.S strategy outlined above, we link your investments to your goals and thereby take out almost all of the uncertainty in your investment decisions.

Presently, our office is located in Ahmedabad only. However, we can serve you anywhere in India using email / other social media.

  • We provide you with personalized investment ideas and guide you through the entire process.
  • We provide you with our list of recommended mutual funds considering your risk appetite and pre-identified financial goals.
  • IDEAS / Recommended funds / SIP / Monitoring your portfolio / All these at zero charges

Yes, we do get a commission on the products sold like any other mutual fund distributor. This is why we are able to offer this service at no charges to you.However, what sets us apart is that we focus on our comprehensive research to recommend the best performing funds for you depending on your risk appetite.

You can register using your name (as in PAN card), mobile number and email and we’ll guide you for the remaining steps.

Yes, KYC registration is mandatory for investments as per Indian law.

We have a comprehensive research strategy using which we filter the funds based on their consistency in performance and adherence to investment philosophy.We then match the investment philosphy to your risk profile and recommend the funds which are most suited to you.

SIP is an acronym for Systematic Investment Plan in which you set aside a fixed amount each month for investment. SIP helps you to invest regularly and average out your costs.

Along with the purchase request, you can give a SIP request and a debit mandate to automatically deduct your desired amount from your bank account each month.

You can make payments through cheque or netbanking. You can also set up a debit mandate for electronic clearing every month in case of a SIP.

Rs. 1000/- per month is the minimum investment for SIP and Rs 5000/- for a one time purchase.

You can leave us a message here.
You can also request for scheduling an appointment in case you want a one-to-one discussion.

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