About Capitalworx


Capitalworx is a young and enthusiastic firm, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Our Vision Statement is hidden in our company name itself. We are here to make our clients’ capital work hard and create wealth for them. Our Mission is to see our clients being relieved of their financial insecurity and anxiety through appropriate investments in mutual funds.

We believe that planned investment relieves people of a great amount of stress related to money matters. We also believe that financially prudent investments impacts not just our clients but also their future generations.

Therefore, we encourage goal based investment in mutual funds.


Our investment philosophy at Capitalworx is not based on commissions we receive from the fund houses. We have partnered with the “best in the industry” research team to bring you the best mutual fund plans, which generate superior returns for you.

The Smart SIP feature has the potential to generate better returns than a normal SIP because it automatically invests more when markets are cheap while holding back when markets are expensive. This process is automated so the investor doesn’t have to worry about it every month.

We encourage each investor to take a holistic view of their finances rather than investing in bits and pieces.


Personal Finance Coach
Samson is the Co-Founder & Personal Finance Coach at Capitalworx.

Personal finance is very close to his heart. It is his joy to see people become stress-free in their finances through prudent money management.

After his MBA in Finance, he spent close to 10 years working in various roles in the financial sector. But since he got bit by the entrepreneurial bug, he has been involved in a number of ventures, both commercial and charitable.

Besides finance, he loves playing bass guitar.


Corporate Finance Specialist

Prashant is a practicing Chartered Accountant. He has more than a decade of experience and he knows his way around the legal tangles very well.

He helps companies with their Risk Management & Control procedures, finalization of accounts, taxation and provides consultancy for start-ups.

He loves being around young and curious minds. He serves as a Guest Faculty at Amity Global Business School, Narayana Business School and National Academy for Event Management & Development.

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