Learn to Manage Before you Leverage


A 20 year old guy jumped to his death because he saw a huge negative balance on his trading app.

Apparently, he couldn’t understand that the first half of his transactions had gone through and the other half hadn’t. In the interim, the app showed a negative balance which would be offset as soon as the other half of the transactions went through.

In simple words, he didn’t owe that amount.

But he didn’t wait long enough to figure it out. He ended up throwing away his precious life for nothing.


Learn about the 10 Most Common Money Management Mistakes

Trading apps are becoming a rage worldwide. More and more new traders are getting into this highly leveraged game of derivatives.

Leverage without learning is extremely dangerous.

Highly leveraged trades mean huge profits or huge losses. It is impossible to escape the emotional swings when this happens.

For the uninitiated, it is fatal.

Whether in life or in business, learn to manage before you leverage.


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Learn to Manage Before you Leverage
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