The Way to Better Learning


Learning from your own mistakes is good.
Learning from others’ mistakes is better.

There are two ways to go about things

1. DIY – do it yourself
2. Get a Mentor

You can exercise yourself
You can eat yourself
You can travel yourself
You can learn yourself
You can plan yourself
You can work yourself
You can invest yourself
You can even talk to yourself

Or you can find a mentor to help you do all of those in the right way.

Doing it yourself is cheap till you begin to lose way.
Doing it yourself is fun and adventurous till you hit a wall.
Doing it yourself takes more time as you learn by trial and error.

Getting yourself a mentor is expensive in terms of both time and money
A mentor may perhaps not be so much fun as they help you traverse the tried and tested path.
A mentor helps do things quicker due to their wisdom and experience.

Which way do you prefer?


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The Way to Better Learning
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