10x Millionaire Plan

10x Millionaire Plan

The 10x Millionaire Plan outlines how you can become a millionaire 10 times over in a span of 12 years.

Its not so difficult as it sounds.

So you want to generate a corpus of Rs 1,00,00,000 in the next 12 years. Let us consider the plan below.

  1. Considering a compounded annual growth rate of 15% which can be achieved by investing in a diversified mutual fund, we can calculate backwards how much you need to save today.
  2. If you invest Rs 25000 per month for 12 years, you will end up with Rs 1,00,89,615 (@15%), which means you will be a millionaire 10 times over
  3. You would have invested a total of Rs 36,00,000 and your wealth gain would be around Rs 64,89,615
  4. Check out the images below.
SIP of 25000 calculator
SIP of Rs 25000 per month calculator
SIP 25000 amount
SIP of Rs 25000 amount

Of course, if you change the variables in the example above, you can achieve this feat before or after 12 years as per your convenience.

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If you face any problems implementing the 10x Millionaire plan, or if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be glad to help you out.

Happy Investing.

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10x Millionaire Plan
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