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Capitalworx was born in 2016 to help individuals and families manage their money wisely.

Capitalworx is a personal finance mentoring and solutions firm that helps people in India to prioritize their financial goals, invest appropriately for it, mitigate risks and aim for financial freedom.

Our mission is to relieve stress and anxiety related to money matters and give every individual the ability to earn decent return on their capital and create wealth.

We believe that everyone should be wholly prosperous in their body, mind and spirit.


Design your own Pension Plan for Retirement

Even if your employer does not offer you a retirement pension plan, do not worry.

You can design your own retirement pension plan.

We will help you invest your retirement benefits in a way that provides you with a steady income as well as offers you potential for a decent capital appreciation.

Achieve your Goals through Strategic Investing

Do not invest your money without a strategic plan. Random investing does not serve your purposes.

We'll help you create and prioritize your financial goals. We'll also help you invest your monies in a way that enables you to achieve those goals.

We'll optimize your risk and return and match it to various instruments like curated stock portfolios, selected mutual funds, portfolio management services, bonds, fixed deposits, and more.

How Balanced Advantage Funds in India work

Passive Income for Financial Freedom

For those who want to achieve financial freedom and retire early.

For those who want to quit the rat race, follow your passion and become an entrepreneur.

We'll help you design your investments in a way that your investment will generate a steady flow of income.


Second Income through Stock Market Trading

If you are an IT professional or a Stock Market Enthusiast who wants to quit the 9-5 rat race, then this is for you.

We will help you learn how to create a Second Income stream through our Stock Market Expert Mentorship.

This mentorship extends till 8 weeks and aims to make you a confident and profitable stock market trader.


When it comes to entrusting somebody with my money I feel more secure with Capitalworx.From no savings at all to small realistic steps of investments, I feel like someone is looking out for my welfare.Samson Thomas, my mentor at Capitalworx worked out a plan that accounts for my age, expectations and goals. I'm happy to say it’s been right on track.
Nitesh Jangir Testimonial for Capitalworx Advisers
Head - Marketing
Some works in life are best left for the experts to do – personal finance management is one of them. Capitalworx has been the saving grace for me.From setting financial goals to creating practical and achievable plans, Samson at Capitalworx has helped me see my finances in a different perspective.In hindsight, I feel I was late in approaching them.
Shinod Babu testimonial capitalworx
IT Business Analyst

Mentor @ Capitalworx



Hi, I am Samson Thomas

After my MBA (Finance), I worked in the corporate finance and banking sector for more than 9 years. Then the entrepreneurial bug bit me. I started doing some ventures – both commercial and charitable. I met with mixed success initially.

Then I came back to what I’m really passionate about – personal finance. I believe if your finances are organized, it is one of the greatest stress busters. I want to help my clients do precisely that.

Later, I started trading in the stock market. Over the last 5 years, I have become a full time options trader and mentor.

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  • The free consultation will be for 30 min max.
  • After your request, we’ll try to respond within 48 working hours
  • We’ll set up a mutually convenient date & time for the free consultation
  • The better you describe your challenges, the greater benefit you’ll get from the free consultation.
  • We’ll not re-schedule for any no show / cancellation without due prior information.

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