Corporate Finance Guy

Prashant means business. Seriously…He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. With more than a decade of professional practice, he knows his way around the legal tangles very well. He helps the corporates with their Risk Management & Control procedures, finalization of accounts, taxation and provides consultancy for start-ups. He loves being around young and curious minds. He serves as a Guest Faculty at Amity Global Business School, Narayana Business School and National Academy for Event Management & Development. He seriously dotes on his wife Richa and his son Harsh.


F&O and Technicals Wiz

To the untrained mind, he transcends into the world of mumbo-jumbo, when he is with his charts and candlesticks. But with a decade of trading experience behind him, he is a thoroughbred in his field. He has come up with a simple and unique formula for trading profitably in the markets, which according to him – ‘even an 8 year old can understand’. He provides portfolio management advisory for those investors who want to add futures and options trading (F&O) to their investment arsenal. When he is done with the charts, he picks up his electric guitar and begins playing soulful notes from another realm. His wife Olivia and his daughter, Gracy are the sparks of his life.

George Blackheart

creative director

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Anna Firebird

account manager

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Richard Johnson

web designer

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Tiffany Whitewind


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Alexander Smith


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