Capitalworx is a young, enthusiastic financial and investment advisory company, headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Our Vision Statement is hidden in our company name itself. We are here to make our clients’ capital work hard and create wealth for them. Our Mission is to see our clients being relieved of all their financial insecurity and anxiety.

We believe that  sound financial planning relieves people of a great amount of stress related to money matters. We also believe that sound financial planning impacts not just our clients but also their future generations.

The right investment can generate wealth and provide world class training and education opportunities for their children. These children will be able to dream higher, sharpen their skills and go on to become excellent, world-class citizens.


Our investment philosophy at Capitalworx is not based on commissions we receive from the fund houses or investment companies. We carefully research the plethora of mutual fund plans, stocks and derivative instruments available in the market and recommend the best combination of risk and return that works for you.

The top return generating plans may not be suited for everyone’s risk profile. Therefore, we carefully understand our client’s risk appetite before recommending plans for them.

Besides, we match each investment recommendation to our client’s financial goal after considering their existing investments, liabilities, number of dependents, insurance needs, medical insurance needs, existing EMIs, credit card debt, etc.

We also look into the tax planning, compliance and financial regulatory requirements of our clients, if any.

All of these factors mentioned above vastly influence investment decisions and the ideal amount of risk exposure.

Our expertise lies in understanding our clients’ needs – both stated and latent – and designing a customized financial plan for them.


Based on our investment philosophy, we have devised a simple formula for investing. We call it the I.D.E.A.S formula of investing.

  • I – Identify your goal
  • D – Determine time required
  • E – Estimate funds needed
  • A – Assess your risk appetite
  • S – Start NOW


Financial Goal Planning
Mutual Funds & Equity Stocks
International Investments.
Tax Planning


Samson is the Coach and Co-Founder at Capitalworx.

Personal finance advisory is very close to his heart. He is overjoyed when he sees people become stress-free because their finances are securely planned. His dream is to achieve this for all his clients.

After his MBA, he spent close to 10 years working with various corporates in the financial sector. But since he got bit by the entrepreneurial bug, he has been involved in a number of ventures, both commercial and charitable. He has never looked back since.

Besides finance, his heart throbs with each boom of the bass guitar. It is fun to watch him jive and make others dance to his beats.

He considers himself fortunate for having his wife, Gifty and his daughter, Sheba around to bless his earthly existence.


Personal Finance Coach / Co-Founder at Capitalworx Advisers
Goals in progress


F&O and Technicals Wiz

To the untrained mind, he transcends into the world of mumbo-jumbo, when he is with his charts and candlesticks. But with a decade of trading experience behind him, he is a thoroughbred in his field. He has come up with a simple and unique formula for trading profitably in the markets, which according to him – ‘even an 8 year old can understand’. He provides portfolio management advisory for those investors who want to add futures and options trading (F&O) to their investment arsenal. When he is done with the charts, he picks up his electric guitar and begins playing soulful notes from another realm. His wife Olivia and his daughter, Gracy are the sparks of his life.



Corporate Finance Guy

Prashant means business. Seriously…He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. With more than a decade of professional practice, he knows his way around the legal tangles very well. He helps the corporates with their Risk Management & Control procedures, finalization of accounts, taxation and provides consultancy for start-ups. He loves being around young and curious minds. He serves as a Guest Faculty at Amity Global Business School, Narayana Business School and National Academy for Event Management & Development. He seriously dotes on his wife Richa and his son Harsh.